Mariner has command line interface with the following commands:

You can run them by typing:


Let's take a look at them one by one.


Help lists all of Mariner's commands and optional arguments. You can pass it a command as an argument, to see more information about it.

mariner help help

Searches a torrent tracker for torrents. It requires one positional argument - the search phrase:

mariner search OpenSuse

By default, it searches Distrowatch. You can use --tracker or -t flag to use Linuxtracker, or some other tracker instead:

mariner search -t linuxtracker OpenSuse

You can list all the available trackers via:

mariner help search

Some of them have aliases you can use in place of the full names, for example tpb for PirateBay or kat for KickAssTorrents:

mariner search -t kat OpenSuse

You can also search on multiple trackers at once. Just use multiple -t flags:

mariner search -t distrowatch -t linuxtracker OpenSuse

To search all available trackers, use --all or -a flag:

mariner search -a OpenSuse

By default, top 60 results are shown. To change that, use the --limit or -l flag:

mariner search -l 20 OpenSuse

To order the results by their upload date, you can use the --newest or -n flag:

mariner search OpenSuse -n


You can configure Mariner to better suit your needs with the config command. To list the current configuration, run it with the --show or -s flag:

mariner config --show

The command takes two positional arguments, to adjust the settings - key and value:

mariner config default_tracker linuxtracker


Shows the details of chosen torrent, such as upload date and number of seeds and leeches. Give it torrent ID as argument:

mariner details 10


Downloads torrents with given IDs to the download folder (default: ~/Downloads). You can download multiple torrent files at once:

mariner download 1 2 3

To specify a download path, use the --path or -p flag:

mariner download --path ~ 0


The Magnet command copies the magnet link of the torrent with given ID to clipboard.

mariner magnet 5


Open the torrent in your default torrent application.

mariner open 5

Similarly to the download command, you can open multiple torrents at once:

mariner open 1 2 3

Interactive mode

Mariner also supports interactive mode. Start it by running mariner without any arguments:


After that, you will see the (mariner) prompt. In interactive mode, you can run multiple commands in succession and take advantage of command history. When done, use Ctrl+D or the quit command to exit:

(mariner) quit